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Some people have no problem jumping into personal visibility and building their authority but for many it’s a huge challenge.

Often those people who struggle most - either with the idea of visibility or the practice of achieving it are the introverts of the world.

I know I’ve struggled with this and we speak about it often on the podcast, but when Susanna Raey writes a book about it, then it’s time to jump in and focus on it. 

About Susanna

Susanna Reay is an Online Business Coach, Digital Course Expert, Author and Speaker. She helps introverted coaches package and sell their expertise online so they can achieve the sustainable income and lifestyle they desire. Susanna is the founder of The Introvert Way™ and has worked with over 1000 introverted women globally since 2015.

Get the The Introvert Way™ Roadmap at at https://susannareay.com/roadmap/

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