Writing great quality content without the pain, with Helen Pollock


At the very heart of digital marketing is content and for a lot people this presents a challenge. We might be very good at our technical or creative niche but without consistently creating our own new content it’s going to be hard for us to build the kind of audience we need to stand out and really build a business we love, full of options and choice.

This week my guest is Helen Pollock who runs the content doc. Helen’s business is all about helping people like you and me get our content mojo back on.

About Helen Pollock

Helen Pollock is an Amazon-bestselling ghostwriter, non-fiction book coach and business content specialist. Working as The Content Doc these days, Helen’s been writing professionally for around two decades during a career in Marketing and, mostly, PR. Having worked for organisations as diverse as Aston Martin, The Royal Shakespeare Company, computer games companies and Plumb Center, Helen’s passion is writing lively and engaging copy about…well…just about anything.

Now, Helen has transitioned to helping business people to write better. She ghostwrites business books and also content like blog posts and articles. Coaching people to write better copy, from a blog post to a book, is something Helen is incredibly committed to. She believes that everyone can become a better writer and that creating a simple framework for content creation is the key to great business writing. If Helen had to sum herself up in three words, they would be as follows: writer, feeder, fighter. 

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