I have a simple philosophy which underpins how I work with clients and dictates whether we're a good fit for each other.  Gary Vaynerchuck wrote that in the 21st century every business should be 80% whatever it is they do for money and 20% media company.  My job is to Amplify that 20% for you.

From time to time clients try to completely delegate digital marketing.  This almost always fails and for this reason I don't offer an entirely done for you service at all any more unless we're talking exclusively about paid ads ( and for that - read on ).  No matter who you are and what your budget is, expect to be an active participant in our project. 

There are two schools of practice in digital marketing.  

1 - The first takes the approach that audience and awareness can be bought. You can place ads and buy customers.  It's true, this works and it's a good short term our foundation strategy but it's only half of the picture.

2 - The second school of thought focuses on content marketing, building brands, story telling and relationships. This takes time and a commitment to showing up and telling stories.  You need to become a creator.  This can be challenging and asks a lot of us.

long term success needs a blended balance of both paid and earned audience. My role is to offer technical resource on the one hand so the nerdy stuff is taken care of, but also to empower and encourage you to grow into your role as a story teller. And then we'll bring everything together and Amplify you.