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Have you ever noticed that the best-known coaches, consultants, authors, trainers or speakers all have a framework or roadmap the use to explain how they help people?

 You have? Well in today's video I’m going to show you why they do that and explain what difference having your own framework or roadmap could make a big difference to your bottom line.

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Have you ever noticed that the best known coaches, consultants, authors, trainers and speakers all have a roadmap or a framework used to explain how they help people? Well, in today's video, I'm going to show you why they do that and explain why having your own could make a big difference to your bottom line impact and your authority. That sounds good to you. Stick around. So here's the thing. If you have to explain to every single person what working with you is like.

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Then you are in for an uphill struggle if you want to build your business is going to be difficult. People need to know what to expect from you. And if you make that difficult, your impact on your revenue will suffer. Simply put, I'll struggle to make the decision to travel with you. If, on the other hand, you can make it crystal clear if you can paint a vibrant picture, which leaves no doubt what I can expect when I'm working with you, that my decision will be easy.

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I remember as a kid we'd often go on holiday or vacation as you call in America. And when we got there, the very first thing we would do is look for a tourist map. Tourist maps are great because they pull out all the highlights and the things of interest. They're not general maps with all the details. They're made for a specific purpose. For a specific person, a well drawn map gives you the confidence to explore, gives you a clear idea of what your journey will entail.

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You can be clear about the areas you must visit and the areas where you should steer clear. You can make informed decisions which places you might safely skip and where you have to go. A road map, a framework or a process allows us to imagine ourselves taking the journey, engaging in the transformation or taking the challenges you set us. We can visualise the destination, knowing what the waypoints along the way are, and we can say yes to those challenges road maps, frameworks or proprietary processes they make for great books, great workshops, training courses, coaching programmes and so much more because everyone is on a specific path.

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It's also something you can protect its intellectual property and IP is worth more than what you simply do with it. It can become legacy. Having your own framework will make you a more compelling podcast guest, some expert or speaker, because it's a tools which allows you to transmit information very, very quickly. Audiences will engage more quickly with your roadmap because it will speak to the heart as well as the head. The heart loves pictures and symbols. The head loves information.

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So let me show you exactly what I mean. So let me jump over to desktop cam and I'll take you through a few examples that I've pulled out. Now, as you can see behind me, no bookshelf. My entire office studio is packed away in boxes because we're moving out soon. Normally, I would have gone to my bookcase to find some great examples, but I had to just work from memory for less than I would like. But I'm going to start here with Jason Swank.

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Jason runs a business coaching agencies and helping them scale. And he has his agency playbook. Get the agency framework to help you navigate the uncertainty, acquire your clients, increase profits and scale your agency faster. Agency framework eight steps. Our eight step framework gives you the freedom to do what you love. And then down here, there are the eight steps I can quickly visualise myself achieving mastery of each of those and understanding. Yes, that is a path to success that I can not only understand, I can embrace because it's clear pictures.

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This is Michael Port and Matthew Kimberly's book Yourself Solid Framework. And this is much more sort of taking the book format. But again, it's allowing me to work through Michael Portes book yourself a solid process. It's a proprietary process. It belongs to my cohort. Implemented and promoted by Matthew Kimberle brilliant process. Well explained in this Easy to follow document. This is a podcast masterminded by and she works with people on branding and brand voice. And for a lot of people, that's very confusing.

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So she has five step framework that she uses for that. She calls that the five C's of my signature impact anatomy framework starts with your core, your clients, communication, conversion and creative. There's a very logical process for somebody who is insecure about spending a lot of money with the branding consultant and not knowing what that process is going to look like. It's demystified and well navigated for you. So it's easier to say, yes, this is the key.

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My own roadmap. I have the personal brand business blueprint for people who want to start scale or just fix their personal brand business. There is a clear roadmap within that so people can see this is the process. Now, I understand these are the elements that we're going to work on. And then there's a bit of information about each of those in a simple workbook format. You can work through them on your own or you can come and work with me in one of the several ways that that's possible.

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So if you produce content, a podcast, I blog or YouTube, then a framework or process becomes the heart of your content plan. You know exactly what to talk about and you can go deep knowing that you're always on topic. You're always adding value. Everything you produce provides a richer insight into the journey you're offering. Now, here's the thing. If you want people to choose you, if you have a clear roadmap, a process or a framework, then people know what the journey is and they can say yes to that.

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They can also say no, this is important. They can say no with confidence, but that needs to be OK with you. You want to work with people who know what lies ahead and this will give you that. The truth is that most people fail to grow not because they say no, but because they make no decision. When you have a very clear route for customers, when it's mapped out for the head and the heart so clearly that they can see everything that lies ahead.

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They'll have the confidence to invest in you. You've got a roadmap or a framework or a process or a playbook of some kind. Let me know in the comments. If you have questions, then let me know. I'm always in the comments waiting to hear for you. Sometimes it's lonely, so you will have a lot of attention. I will see you next time. Don't forget, if you do enjoy this video, give it a thumbs up like YouTube.

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