If you want to build your business online, to build your reach, impact or authority then at some point you need to graduate from posting on social media and become a creator of content. When it comes to content there are two formats which stand out.

Video and Audio

Why? Because they open the door to building relationships at scale. You can create marketing content, products, podcasts youtube channels and all of this ultimately leads to generating revenue.

A lot of people try to do this with a blog. And some succeed but the written word just doen’t connect or transport us in the same way as the moving picture or the spoken word. Blogging is great for lots of things but if we’re honest we’re lazy and prefer to consume TV and Radio.

So why is it that we all know the impact audio and video can have but so few make that step to take action?

Well a lot of people are uncomfortable with video. But if we dig into that a little it’s not the video side of things at all. Most people just can’t bear the sound of their voice when they hear it back. This is the very first barrier.

It’s very common for someone to film them selves and be fine with the process but the moment they hear themselves back – delete. Time for a coffee and some real work.

When I started my podcast this was a huge challenge. I understood because I’d done some research but even then it was a big issue. Editing myself was like hearing fingers on a blackboard. When I was a guest on other people’s podcasts I couldn’t listen. Over time this faded. I’m fine with hearing my voice now but it wasn’t easy.

So what’s happening here? First of all what you hear as your voice when you speak is not your voice. It”s only the version you hear. When other people hear your voice it’s transmitted through the air and the frequency range is wide. When you hear your voice it’s transmitted through bone with a low frequency range. It’s a totally different sound.

A second factor ( and there are a lot more ) is that there’s a part of our brain which reads emotional queues in voices. When we speak ourselves we don’t activate this part of the brain. But when we hear ourselves played back it activates and this causes a very strange emotional feedback loop which causes us to react so strongly.

Interestingly studies have shown that when your voice is played back and you don’t realise it’s your own you are likely to rate it higher than normal for attractiveness.

If you want to build your brand online then the voice barrier is one your going to need to push through. Once your get through it you’ll find all the reactions vanish and you can start enjoying things but you’ll only get through it with consistent action.

Try this 👉 Record yourself daily saying something short and listen back. This simple daily practise will desensitize you. What you say doesn’t matter. Just that you hear your voice back once per day.

Every body has this. Some stay trapped by it and never break through – other push through and those are the people you know through video and audio.

I’d love to know if you have any ‘hating your voice’ stories or your tips for getting over it. Let me know.