Why chasing social media engagement doesn’t help you.

Likes, shares, follows, comments, retweets, trending. If chasing these down is getting your down then stick around. I want to share why so many people are focusing on the wrong things online – and what you should focus on instead.

Let’s get one thing straight. Facebook, Google, Instagram, Linkedin – They’re not our friends. To them, we’re not even customers. We’re users.

There’s a saying which goes – ‘if you’re not paying, you are the product’.

When these platforms start telling us to focus on engagement what do they really mean? They mean they want us to spend as much time as possible on the platform, consuming content and importantly, ads. Advertisers are the actual customers.

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Now I know that posts which get engagement are rewarded with more reach and visibility by the platforms. I’m not stupid. But most people respond to this by producing posts which might get engagement but they’re not achieving much else.

What I see a lot of is..

  • Here’s me with a fancy car
  • What do you like best- cheese or beer?
  • Some polarising political nonsense
  • Leading questions

I’m not judging people who shit-post just to drive engagement. But I have to ask myself – what are they actually achieving by it. Ask yourself this… ‘Why are you on social media? ‘ You can’t eat fake popularity, you can’t spend engagement, so why are you posting on social media?

Social media is about connection. If you have one goal in all your content is should be to connect with someone as deeply as you can. The truth is that there is no correlation between engagement as a social media KPI and ROI – none. There is a profound correlation between connection, trust and influence.

Express yourself and your value through your content. Know you’re value and be clear on who you bring that value to. Express your values, your mission, your goals, who you serve, the problems you can help people transform into opportunties, your passion, curiosity and your enthusiasm.

Post less often if you need to, but aim for education, inspiration and entertainment. Let engagement come as a by product – but don’t make that your main aim.

Don’t be a consumer, be a creator – don’t play by the algorithm’s rules – play by your rules.

Every single bit of content you put on social media reaches hundreds of people – don’t be greedy – Know who you’re or and be there for that one person.

Grab My Traffic & Conversion Prompts

All my ideas in one handy mind map.