What are you the best in the world at?, with Tom Martin


What are you the best at - I mean the very best at? This is the question that’s Driven Tom Martin to discover a very specific and profitable niche market for his most valuable and marketable skills. 

About Tom : Tom Martin is Certified by YouTube as an expert in both Audience Growth and Digital Rights. He has led the YouTube strategy for some of the world’s largest and most successful media companies gaining them millions of subscribers and billions of views. He has also consulted with YouTube Creators and Fortune 500 companies to improve their results on YouTube via his company Channel Fuel. 

He specialises in both YouTube SEO, optimisation and channel strategy and has dedicated his time to making sure other YouTube Creators can learn from his experience. He is the author of YouTube Optimisation – The Complete Guide.

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Tom's website : http://channelfuel.co

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