To be successful you need to market in the good times, with Chris Huskins


This week we’re meeting Chris Huskins.  Chris runs a digital marketing business which really orbits around the central theme of podcasts and podcasting.  It’s a very unusual business but when Chris explains what his skills, how he acquired them are and what he brings to his clients - it will all make sense.

About Chris : By the age of 30 Chris Huskins had over 20 different jobs and wasn’t fulfilled by any of them.. From retail management, to radio presenting and landing in marketing and sales for Celador (Company behind Who Wants to Be a Millionaire)

Chris wanted to go out on his own, and discovered he loved two things from all of his job.. Building businesses with marketing and great content… 

Now Chris uses those skills on a daily basis as he runs his Marketing Consultation company ‘Simplifying Marketing’ and his Marketing Services Agency ‘Huskins Marketing’.

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Chris has a book coming out very soon on podcasting, want to find out more:

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