Three qualities which transform your content marketing, with Pascal Fintoni


Are you struggling to break through online? Feeling like you’re posting content regularly but nobody is listening? It’s a very common experience. Some try to fix this by turning to quantity, turning to social media planners and posting about international pancake day and so on. Volume isn’t the answer. Some try creating complicated or clever content - but that doesn’t work either.

In this episode Pascal Fintoni share the three qualities all great content marketers have in common. It’s a very simple lesson which could quickly change your results. I loved speaking to Pascal and I know you’re going to love listening to him.

About Pascal

Pascal Fintoni is a professional trainer and speaker with over 25 years practical experience in digital marketing, Pascal has worked across diverse industry sectors developing and implementing audience engagement campaigns.

Pascal is also a video producer and he has introduced many of the storytelling techniques used by filmmakers into his coaching to help his clients create great online reputations. His focus for the last few years has been to guide business owners on how to take back control of their digital communications and become the most trusted brand in their chosen markets.

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