The surprising truth about the Instagram algorithm, with Lauren Davis


This week I’m thrilled to welcome my good friend Lauren Davis to the show. Lauren lives in Rockford near Chicago. One of the things I love about Lauren is that she never stands still. She knows exactly what she wants and she executes consistently to achieve it. Her clients are some of the biggest names in social media, She’s a friend and advisor to me and I’m really excited to share her with you.

About Lauren :  Many people are intimidated and frustrated by trying to highlight their personal brand effectively. Lauren Davis lives close to Chicago in Rockford Illinois and works with people over the world to overcome their personal branding discontent and grow their presence so that they can focus on sales, exposure, leadership and community impact. 

Lauren Davis was named one of the 20 People You Should Know in 2013 by the Rockford Illinois Chamber of Commerce, and one of the Rockford Register Star's "People to Watch" in 2018. 

When she is not running her two local businesses in Rockford Illinois, she is traveling the globe learning at conferences and workshops and bringing that knowledge back to serve her community. 

Lauren is also the executive director of Winnebago Buy Local, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to connect local businesses together to collaborate and bring the community closer to them, creating raving fans. 

Lauren's passion revolves around seeing people and organizations that "do-good" succeed.

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