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I'M serious about digital

Twenty years in digital marketing

I'm Bob Gentle.  I've been leading creative and digital teams for twenty years and delivered for the biggest and smallest businesses around.  I'm based in the North East of Scotland and work with an international team of the best creative and technical associates you'll find anywhere.

We've developed a strategic approach for your sector

Are you a consultant?

I always start with strategy.  Sometimes that's as a standalone consulting project and sometimes as part of an ongoing retained service set.  Sometimes we work on a 'done for you' basis where we deliver of most tactical elements. With others we operate on a 'done with you' basis, helping direct and structure the work of existing teams.

SME & Corporate

We manage the Amplify network. A Global network of strategic and tactical experts on virtually every aspect of digital marketing.  When it comes to delivering for you this gives us a big advantage.  Ask us about a free strategy workshop.

Solo & Micro

Solo and Micro-business get left behind by most agencies but not by us.  We've developed a unique group coaching / training program to offer you a low cost and high impact route to digital marketing independence.

as a digital specialists we look deeper

What's in our toolbox

Don't worry, it's not all on you.  With every client and every project we work to make sure you're doing the right things, in the right order, in the right way and at the right time.

Social Media


Search engine

marketing  & SEO

online ads for

search & social

team training

events & workshops

Digital marketing consulting & Strategy

Lead generation

& capture


email marketing

sequences & campaigns

conversion rate


video marketing

production & strategy

content marketing



..and much more

Amplify Podcast

A lot of my work is helping digital entrepreneurs around the world build their businesses online.  The podcast is a weekly audio interview with some of the best small and solo niche marketers, consultants and creators across the globe.  We unpack their business and find out what makes it work.

And from the blog

Longer and more in-depth articles and opinion.  Have a rummage and read what takes your fancy.

The reason I know your business is stuck and how to fix it.

Most people will *never* get to it.   What is – it? *It* is the thing which will move your business forward.  It could be sales calls, marketing, new products, pivoting.  You probably know what *it* is. But you never get to it.  You fight fires, your spin plates, wheels, gears … In this week’s

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Three free traffic sources you can use right now.

Today I want to share three free traffic sources you can use to drive traffic to your website, youtube channel, social media – wherever you want. Anyone can use these traffic sources. They need no technical ability and take very little time. Getting traffic, people or eyeballs on your stuff is central to any kind

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Your digital marketing plan needs a digital sales plan.

For a lot of people, sales are suffering right now. When things are easy a bad plan can work but when times get tough the weaknesses in a bad plan start to show. I talk about digital marketing a lot. But the truth is that marketing is only half of the equation. For marketing to

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What our clients say

My business is constantly evolving to meet the needs of my clients. I can honestly say being part of this group has helped me move my business forward faster and with more enthusiasm than any other thing I've done in the last 19 years. It has inspired and empowered me to make changes I've been afraid to do in the past due to lack of confidence and knowledge.

Diana Johnstone - Jotolio

Every time the group meets, either in person or virtually, I come away with lots of easy to implement tips to improve my digital marketing. I have found the one-to-one accountability calls particularly useful for targeting the best strategies for raising the profile of my individual business.

Brenda Hector - Action Coach

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Let's Amplify™ you

We help businesses truly leverage digital marketing so they stand out, reach new heights and new revenues. We're the UK's leading specialist digital marketing consultants for the Oil & Gas sector but we work with companies of all kinds.

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