Superstar sales strategies you can use right now, with Victoria Fleming


Your business is only as good as your ability to connect your value with the people who need that value. Yes - we’re talking about selling. 

This week on the podcast I’m joined by sales trainer to the stars , Victoria Fleming. Victoria walks us through a few things we can all do to instantly raise our sales game.

About Victoria

Victoria is an energetic speaker, maverick sales consultant and Fellow of the Institute of Sales Managers. Drawing on years of experience delivering against multi million pound targets from the top of high turnover organisations, she now offers innovative sales approaches that deliver tangible results to Sales Leaders and Entrepreneurs. As an expert trainer she has trained sales teams for world-renowned global corporations, including retail giants, membership organisations, and major technology companies - both internationally and here in the UK.

With a specialist interest in supporting entrepreneurs she loves to burst open the secrets she has learned, but more importantly, helps people to love to sell and to take pride in their selling. No double-glazing-double-talk, no Apprentice-style bluster.

She also enjoys wearing fabulous shoes, drinking coffee and pirate jokes! 

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