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Just a quick update

I’d turned this feature off for a long time but I think it’s time for it to come back. I’m developing a daily writing habit and I think this will make a good home for everything.

So come back soon.

The problem with painkillers 💊

You know why painkillers are so popular? Because they take pain away, it’s very simple. Nobody likes pain – so they buy cheap painkillers.

The problem with painkillers is that they do nothing for your health. They won’t help you grow muscle, improve fitness or build your stamina.

Selling the Digital Marketing version of strong painkillers is easy.

The Pain = ‘I’m leaving money on the table by not getting with digital’.

The 💊 painkiller = ‘Delegate all your social media, online ads and content marketing to me and back to what you do best.’

And the pain is gone.

A global industry has sprung up to sell Digital Marketing painkillers. But it’s not healthy people!

I’m not saying there’s no place for agencies – I run one – but I am saying painkillers should only be one part of the treatment for your pain.

The answer is Vitamins & Exercise.

The 🥑 Vitamins = ‘I’m going to commit to communicating with and building my audience, my personal brand and telling my story. I’m going to adapt my behaviour so that I can leverage the potential the internet offers.’

Ask any truly healthy person how they got and stay that way and they’ll tell you they have to work at it every day.

Ask any business owner who *really* stands out online and they’ll tell you the same thing. I promise you – they didn’t delegate that.

So – if you want to take your Vitamins and learn when best to use painkillers – I invite you to join the next ⚡Amplify Group⚡. Just schedule a call and we’ll see if it’s a good fit for you.

Ideas are cheap 👎

There are two pillars in digital marketing *Paid* traffic and *Earned* traffic.

Paid traffic is pretty simple. You pay your money and you get your attention. It’s valuable and pretty easy – but it’s only half of a good long term strategy.

Earned traffic comes as the fruits of content marketing. Because it’s harder it’s almost always neglected. But it’s the X factor which can put a lot of distance between you and any competitor.

Content marketing needs stamina, endurance, creativity and more than anything – execution.

Ideas are cheap. Execution is priceless.

I’ve often see social media *experts* posting content scheduling calendars online. They do this so other people can bypass the creative process of working out what to post and when. Super helpful?

I have two problems with this.

The first issue is that if you just follow the same content guide as everyone else how can you hope to stand out. You’ll just add more noise – and nobody needs more noise.

My second issue is that ideas are easy. With a few little hacks it’s easy to generate content ideas. What’s harder is execution. Putting posting dates on pretty calendar is not going to move you to write, draw, film or record a damn thing.

So.. You need two processes.

You need a content idea generation process which you own and understand. One aligned with your values, your audience and your mission.

Secondly you need is a production schedule. When are you going to *create* content?