Serving the world with my amazing FOMO powers, with May King Tsang


May King’s stock in trade is FOMO or the fear of missing out. She crafts FOMO for event organisers such as conferences and events. It sounds like a weird job - and that’s because it is. As you’ll find out, though, for her clients, it’s a super valuable service.

About May King : FOMO Creator and Social Media Correspondent May King Tsang made her UK debut at #ATOMICON19: Andrew and Pete’s sell out conference in Newcastle. Her role was to Live Tweet, and broadcast live on Facebook and Instagram all from her smartphone! She then has since been sought after throughout the UK a where she has been helping hashtags to trend and has been a live reporter of summits, workshops and conferences in Dublin, Derby, Manchester and Birmingham, both on IGTV (Instagram), Facebook Live and Twitter Live.

May King has been Live Tweeting professionally for many years helping conferences, fesTEAvals and workshops trend with their hashtags in Australia and the UK and you’ll mainly find her tweeting at @maykingtea.

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