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Work with me directly on your goals, strategy and the tactics you need to get you where you want to go.  Have my team in the background for when it gets technical and you need a hand.

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Join a small group mastermind working with me and a handpicked group of other business owners at a similar stage of business as you.  Those who travel far, travel together.

Elite Digital VA Support for CEO's & Creators

Your business is killing it but your team is all over the place.  You want to simplify and have all your design, tech and marketing just... gone.
You just turn the key.

My team is versatile, dedicated and the very best at what they do.  Whether you're just setting out in business or you're a multinational CEO - I'm confident I can Amplify you.  
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The right tools for an awesome job.

I've looked long and hard for the tools to allow me to get more done in less time.  These tools or services I use myself on a more or less daily basis. I'll update this selection often so check back soon.

Most recommended tools & services.

Agorapulse is my go-to tool of choice for advanced social media scheduling, comment management and listening. It’s a community manager's dream.

You can schedule content ahead of time on all the social media platforms and also handle comments in one easy to handle social inbox. Never miss a comment and show the love to your community with grace and ease.

Captivate are the people who host my own podcast. This has been one of the best decisions I ever made.

Captivate makes it child's play to launch and grow your show and distribute to all the other players with ease. If you're non technical then Captivate should be your first choice. Captivate also provides training and a great community for podcasters to share experience and ideas.

I'm a big Adobe fan but these days handle nearly 100% of design tasks in Canva and very graphic you see on this site started there. 

Canva is a web based graphic design tool designed for simplicity and ease of use.  There are thousands of templates, stock images and graphics to make creating your social media and other graphics as simple as possible. If you don't already use Canva then I would not wait one more second.

Mailerlite is one of the most elegant and simple to use email marketing platforms out there. I use it for my own email newsletter automations.

Mailerlite makes it super easy to design custom emails for pretty much any business type and also allow you to build landing pages and opt-in forms if you need them. It's free to use for email lists of under a thousand making it the ideal tool for those new to email marketing.

You work hard on your videos but you know there's a lot more mileage you could get from them if you were to reformat them, add captions and share more widely.

Splasheo is a service where you upload your videos and a Splasheo genius will work on them while you sleep and return multiple versions all edited and reformatted for different social media platforms and use cases.  If you create video content and want to to go further and cost you less time this this is for you.

If you want to build your profile online then appearing on podcasts and virtual summits is a great way of doing it.  Bring your value to other people's audience.

If this sounds good to you then you're going to need to make it easy for the organiser to say yes to you.  This is where your one sheet comes in.  All the information about you expertise, topics of conversation, experience, media and more. All on one sheet.

Do you like paying for things monthly? Me neither. Appsumo is the home of the lifetime software deal.  Trust me, you need this.

Whether it's video editors, social media management tools or stock images there is a lifetime deal on AppSumo which will save you thousands in monthly subscriptions. My advice is to get on the mailing list so you never miss an offer.

ThriveThemes is the engine which powers this site.  It's not a WordPress theme. It's a whole ecosystem of everything you need to build a killer website which converts.

ThriveThemes come with a theme builder, page builder, landing page templates and much more.  It also has a course builder, quiz builder, testimonial manager, A/B tester, list building tools.  Get done in minutes what it takes others hours or even days.

If you're like me then you know that podcast transcriptions are great for Google rankings and that videos need captions on social media if you want people to watch them.

All my podcast transcriptions are done using Happyscribe.  I just upload my audio file and five minutes later I download the transcription.  It's great for basic video captioning as well.  It's cheap and very effective.

Please note : that most of the links on this page contain affiliate codes and when you pay the companies listed, they might pay me.  

Don't let that put you off.  I'd never promote a tool or service I don't use myself.

The Amplify

A lot of my work is helping digital entrepreneurs around the world build their businesses online.  The Amplify podcast is a weekly audio interview with some of the best small and solo niche marketers, consultants and creators across the globe.

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Copyright © Bob Gentle / AmplifyMe 2021. All rights reserved.