Reasons you should avoid being a boring ‘me too’ marketer, with Yva Yorston


This week I’m speaking to Yva Yorston. Yva is a good friend and of all the digital marketers I know Yva is the one I’d say has tested and adapted the most, reinventing her products and services again and again as she’s learned what works. She offers a great case study in niching down both in terms of the services you offer and who you offer them to.

As the Founder of Content Boost, Yva works with companies who are struggling to stand out in their market and helps them to position themselves as experts in their field and attract ideal clients who are ready to buy.

Having previously grown a successful virtual assistance service through content marketing, in 2017 she decided to shift focus and use her expertise to help other businesses do the same. 

She now provides content marketing consultancy, coaching and blog management services from her home in Aberdeenshire in Scotland, working virtually with team members and clients across the UK.

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