Lets Amplify™ You.

The Amplify™ Group is a ten month low cost and high impact coaching and digital marketing training program for small businesses agencies don’t work with. It’s designed to fit around you and running your business.  You’ll work and learn with me as part of a small group, with a your own personal action plan.  You will finally create and own your success online. 

What's holding you back?

There are a lot of myths, misconceptions and untruths about digital marketing.  Lets look at some of the things which might have put you off really diving into your own digital marketing in the past.

It's difficult

People assume you need to be an expert.  Yes, there are a million things you can do to promote your business online but once you know which ones to focus on and in which order to do them – most of them are surprisingly easy to learn.

It's expensive

Paying an agency can be a good investment but most of the agencies budget goes on time.  If you value your time and your money then invest in discovering the right things to do and the right order to do them in. Become self sufficient.

it's time consuming

Spending as little as one hour week focusing on the most high impact things rather than procrastinating can make a big impact. Actions compound over time and the results of small actions consistently taken can be startling.

My goals for you in this program are that you’ll cut through the noise, gain clarity, rapidly find success, focus on clear action steps, make more money, build a strong personal brand, gain confidence and get the strategic, technical, creative and moral support you need – when you need it.

If your business will benefit from you becoming the ‘go to’ expert in your field and you’re willing to do some of the slightly uncomfortable things needed to make that happen, then it’s for you.   If you’re not sure then hit the ‘schedule a call’ button below and we’ll find out if the program is a good fit.

So who am I?

As a small business owner, new clients and new business are your life blood.  To be successful it’s said, that in the 21s’t century every business should be 80% whatever they do for money and 20% media company.
Most people don’t know where to start..  

My business is taking care of the 20% people struggle with. I’m Bob Gentle and I own Amplify.  Amplify is a ‘done for you’ digital agency and I’ve been working in this space since the late 90’s.  I’ve built thousands of websites – and helped hundreds of digital marketing clients.  Now I work with a handful of high paying clients supporting their digital marketing needs.. 

I’m launching this program to help the small business owners who agencies just don’t work with.

Some of what I'll cover..

These are just some of the elements I’ll cover.  Most importantly, you’ll discover how to put them all together and develop a powerful digital strategy and your an easy implementation plan.  One that’s 100% tailored to you.  If you need help with Instagram, Pinterest, blogging or search engines – you’ll get it.

Content Marketing

Whether it's in social media, email marketing or as part of your search strategy, content is at the heart of everything. We'll work on developing a killer content strategy for you.

Email Marketing

Whatever you might think about email marketing, it drives most sales online. It's at the heart of every successful digital strategy and we'll find the best way to integrate it into your business.

Personal Branding

Forget B2B or B2C. People buy from people no matter what business you're in. Building your personal brand online and building real connections with real people is very powerful.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is scary for a lot of people but it's one of the fastest ways to build a relationship with a prospect. Whether it's Instagram live, Facebook or Youtube, I'll get you on your way.

Search Engines

Most transactions start with a search and ranking well is something I'm serious about. A good search profile starts with getting some basics right. We'll start there and build up.

Online Ads

Online ads seem daunting, but they can be powerful. Choose from a blend of Facebook, Google or Youtube ads. I'll cover pay per click, display ads and retargeting for some extra punch.


Are you leaving money on the table? When you take your business online there are some innovative business model tweaks you can apply to change things up. Lets look at those.

Lead Generation

All that activity online needs to lead somewhere. I'll help you develop a clear lead generation journey for your prospects so you can start counting that return on investment.


Understanding Google analytics is important. It lets you know what's working and what's not. Where your traffic is coming from and what's paying off. Knowledge is power.

You won’t need all of these elements and you’ll need lots that’s not listed here.  Don’t worry – it’s covered. We’ll be guided by your personal strategy & implementation plan.

And much more ..

Where and when?

We meet twice monthly for ‘online‘ group workshops. We’ll have a private group chat and  private online learning portal for our worksheets and videos.

This is a ten month program building and delivering your personal digital marketing action plan – I know lots of people offer shorter programs, but real success takes time. 

Special bonus

Some of you may know I host the Gravity™ Digital Marketing Business podcast where I interview some of the worlds experts in elements of digital marketing.  Many of them have agreed to act as guest coaches and mentors to help add depth to certain topics.

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Are you ready to Amplify™?

This Amplify™ group is priced low because it’s the first one. 

Ten monthly payments of £170 + VAT

 ( I will not be repeating this group plan at this low price. This rate is only for the first eight people to apply. )

If you want to lock in your space then hit the sign up button If you want to talk it over in person then use the schedule a call button.
See you inside!

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