Knowing when to adapt or start over again, with Greger & Jenny Hillman


This week my guests are Greger and Jenny Hillman. Greger and Jenny Hillman are based in Sweden and work with Swedish speaking business owners around the world to help them build and grow their businesses online in a private membership website. Business is booming for them now - but it wasn’t always like that.

About the Hillmans'

Jenny & Greger are married, they’ve got kids, a house and all that good stuff. Until a few years ago they ran a successful Web Agency in Sweden. However, after nearly getting burned out they realised something had to change.

In 2017 they founded, a Swedish membership website for business owners and entrepreneurs who wants to work smarter and level up their business online…

They went from having client work to teaching and supporting their members on topics like how to setup ad campaigns, building funnels, developing websites, doing SEO and so on.

The membership model is far less stressful but offers different kind of challenges which you can hear all about in this episode.

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