How to write a business blog which matters, with Rachel Extance


A good blog is the foundation of good content marketing. But for some reason everyone seems to make the so difficult. Investing time in your blog can often seem like a waste of time. But those who know, know.

A blog isn't a vanity project. It serves a valuable purpose in your marketing. It's the centre of your content world and provides fuel for social media, email marketing and good search engine performance. Show your business blog a little love and it will, in time love you back a lot more.

This week my guest is Rachel Extance and she's an award winning blogger who's going to share her tips and strategies for making your blog a little easier and hopefully motivate you to rekindle some love for your blog.

About Rachel

Rachel Extance helps business owners to spot their stories and use them to build their brand. A former journalist, she is an award-winning blogger who provides consultancy on how to get your message across, plan out content marketing, and write material for use online and offline. To find out more about her and get tips on how to use stories in your business, go to extance.co.uk

I'm @RachelExtance on all the socials. Most active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

To find out more about her and get tips on how to use stories in your business, go to extance.co.uk

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