How to work with me...

I love unlocking potential like some kids love fireworks.  Let's Amplify you.

How to work with me...

I love unlocking potential like some kids love fireworks.  
Let's Amplify you.

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Build your success on solid foundations...

I'd love to work with you and I've built this range of products so that no business owner is left behind.  Whatever stage of business you're at, I want to help you grow.

Amplify Accelerator Membership

Amplify Accelerator Membership is my foundation product.  It includes my Digital Marketing Clarity course as well as access to guest masterclasses and member Q&A sessions every single month and a vibrant community of business owners like you.

No Charge

Amplify Mastermind ( Group )

Mastermind Group Members get access to everything Community Members get. In addition to that we meet in a small group twice a month to talk strategy, tactics and to keep you moving in the right direction. Think of it as hybrid coaching and technical support.

Only £225 pm

121 Partnership ( Done With You )

Some people just need to move faster.  If you want to really unlock your business and start Amplifying then working with me one-on-one might be the best option for you.  All partnership clients also have access to full Amplify Community Member benefits.

From £550 pm 

Break down my options, Bob!

Working with me is designed to be as accessible as possible.  No matter where you are with your business I have a way to work with you.  Here's how is all breaks down.


Premium Accelerator 


Partnership 121

Monthly cost



From £550 ( POA )

Accelerator Membership

Monthly Member Calls

Monthly Guest Masterclass

Masterclass Archive

Digital Marketing Course

Checklists & Cheat Sheets

121 Strategy Workshop

Fortnightly Group Call

Mastermind Archives

Weekly Momentum Call

'Fair Use' Hands On Help


But I just need a quick hand!

You need a Power Hour.  We can work on anything you need. You might want to reviews some ads, discuss mindset issues around creating content, sales, personal branding, develop a digital strategy or talk over your online business model.  You can do all of this in a Power Hour.  
Power Hours are 1.5 hours over Zoom  which is recorded for your later reference.

Nope, I need something else...

Here are a few other ways I love working.  If any of this ( or something else ) is on your mind then reach out because this stuff gets me excited.  Just email

Corporate Consulting & Workshops

I work with teams around the world to help them develop a digital strategy which their team can embrace.  I'm an easy going team player so don't worry about stepping on toes. I work with Marketing teams to help them reach further, with Sales teams on social selling tactics and with leadership teams on personal branding and authority building.

Speaking at in person and virtual events is one of my favourite things.  Topics I'm ready to speak on are 'Social Selling - From Single Sale to Selling at Scale' and 'Personal Branding for Shy or Introverted Weirdos'.   I'm also working on a new Book called 'How to build a time machine and control the future'. ( It's a working title right now. )

Guest Workshops & Summits

If you have a membership site, a virtual summit or a community group online and you'd like to host me as a guest workshop leader then just reach out.  Both of the talks on the left are available as 35/45 minute workshops which i regularly deliver on Zoom.  I'm also happy to jump on panels and love virtual summits. Just ask.

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Copyright © Bob Gentle / AmplifyMe 2021. All rights reserved. 

Copyright © Bob Gentle / AmplifyMe 2021. All rights reserved.