How to move towards your goals with ease, with Deepa Naterajan

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For a lot of people, digital marketing is a painful thorny field of procrastination. Some people seem to move easily through the field and others seem to snag on every single thorn. The reasons for this normally have a lot less to do with tech and everything to do with mindset.

This week my podcast guest is Deepa Naterajan, a high-performance coach who works with some of the biggest tech companies in the world. In this week's episode shines a light on what we can all do to take these mindset issues in had and start moving towards our goals without the traditional hustle and grind we're all used to hearing about.

About Deepa

Deepa Natarajan is an expert coach on helping people change. She has done many intensive courses to understand how adults develop. She coaches senior executives and entrepreneurs. Following her years of experience in coaching she has developed a methodology that helps people to achieve their goals with ease and peace of mind.

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