How to launch an new agency the right way, with Brandon Birkmeyer


Brandon Birkmeyer is pretty new to building his own agency business and his personal brand but he’s charging really hard and a great role model for just getting it done. He’s worked in agencies on some really big accounts and in this episode he takes me through how he’s finally going it alone.

About Brandon : Brandon Birkmeyer is a seasoned marketing strategist, an up-and-coming writer, author, speaker, podcaster, and business coach who works with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them build brands that matter and businesses that thrive.

Brandon has advised and directed brand strategy for top FORTUNE 100 companies including Walmart, Apple, Wells Fargo, and Coca-Cola. In 2018, he launched Brandon Brands, a marketing consulting firm based in Los Angeles, California. He also produces and hosts a branding and marketing show called "Brands On Brands On Brands" which relaunched last week as a "new and noteworthy" business and marketing podcast on iTunes.

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