How to build amazing relationships on a big scale, with Gavin Bell


This week I’m so excited to bring you Gavin Bell. Gavin is the UK’s leading facebook ads consultant and in this episode he shares his journey with us. Gavin knows a lot about facebook ads as you’d expect but how has he gone about building his business and his personal brand? In this episode we’ll find out. 

About Gavin

Multi-award winning entrepreneur, Gavin Bell really knows his onions when it comes to Facebook ads. Not only is he a leading Facebook advertising consultant, but he’s also a renowned vlogger with millions of views. You might just see him speaking to his camera today…

Gavin helps brands across the world to utilise Facebook in a way that not only builds their audience, but turns that attention into revenue. His work has been featured on the likes of, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur on Fire, KissMetrics and Social Media Examiner.

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