How to blog well for your agency and generate new business, with Stephanie Fiteni


This week I’m on the speaking Stephanie Fitenni. Stepahie, based in Malta is co-owner of a traditional agency but inside of that she focuses on blogging and SEO for digital marketing. She’s made some brave decisions and done some clever things around her business model which lots of us can learn from.

About Stephanie : Stephanie Fiteni is a Content marketing strategist and traffic growth coach. She helps clients generate more leads and clients through their blogs and websites. She started off her entrepreneurial journey as a teacher. She taught herself programming and spent many years teaching as a vocation and coding to make money.

In 2008, she co-created an agency with my husband. She always found web technologies exhilarating but managing a fast-growing agency and caring for a young child, were too much to handle all at once. She stared burnout in the face and decided to make some big changes. She returned to her love for sharing knowledge by coaching people 1:1. 

Today, she helps clients turn traffic-less blogs into client superhighways by teaching them how to plan their content, research their keywords and write content that will rank and convert.

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