How to beat the big agencies on government contracts, with Zach Jones


This week I’m speaking to Zach Jones. Zach runs a digital marketing business in Alabama focusing on some really interesting vertical markets. Zach has some great perspectives and if you’ve ever thought that big government contracts were only for big agencies then prepare to think again.

Zach Jones is currently the president of Rekrewt, a recruitment digital marketing agency. With a team spread across the United States, Rekrewt works with federal and state government customers, as well as corporations, to solve complex recruitment problems.

Zach has been involved with digital marketing since he was a middle school student in the late 1990s. He went from being a web design freelancer in high school to agency owner in the 2000s, and in 2017 pivoted to be a digital firm that does nothing but recruitment marketing, all day, every day. 

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