How the best investment is looking after your people, with Diana Tower


Online communities are nothing new but, but if that online community is at the heart of your business then you need to look after your people. The fact is, if you’ve built a strong following and you provide a community for them, you’re probably going to be a busy person already. You wouldn’t invite people to dinner and then not look after them and smart people know that a strong online community needs a strong community manager.

This week’s guest is Diana Tower and she lives and breaths hiring and supporting killer community managers.

About Diana

She has advised and worked with top entrepreneurs like New York Times bestselling author Ramit Sethi, Media & PR Specialist Selena Soo, and Carrie Green, the founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association.  

Diana has shared her strategic insights from the stage of Retain Live 2019, hosted workshops for Digital Marketer and Teachable, and has been featured in major publications & podcasts such as Forbes, Growth Lab, Super Fast Business podcast, Active Campaign and more.

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