One of my roles is as a digital marketing advisor or coach and when I work with new clients I’m asked one question more than any other and it’s :

“How often should I post on social media.”

They understand that posting on social media is one of the keys to building your visibility, discoverability, likeability, credibility and your authority.

It’s important to post on social media because if you don’t then unless you’re just there to be nosey ( which is fine but don’t expect to grow your business ) then you may as well not be there. Just log out and do something productive instead.

There’s no simple answer to how often you should post. It really depends on what you have to work with but I hope that these suggestions might help you.

There are two types of post I see on social media and they fall into two simple categories.

1 – This that are just noise. These are posted for the sake of posting and the authors didn’t really plan they’re post ahead of time. This is what you see most of, particularly on Linkedin.

2 – Those that add value. These are planned out ahead of time and should inspire, educate or entertain. You want to add value so you’re going to need to plan these out ahead of time.

Plan your topics

In order to add value you’re going to need to plan your topics. Know what you have to work with. Make a list of the topics you can regularly turn to for social content. You can download my social media topics prompt list for some help if you like.

What are you for and against

Posts which have a little emotional energy in them often do well so take sheet of paper, lay in on it’s side and draw a line down the middle. Put a title on the left and right saying FOR and AGAINST. Now make a list of things you love and a list of things your against. This should help you get fired up a little – but don’t go nuts.

Know who you’re for

You’re posts are on social media for all to see but they’re not really for everyone. They’re for that one person who matters to you. Do you have a customer avatar – watch mu customer avatar video

Schedule ahead of time

Don’t sit there in front of social media all day like a zombie consumer. Use software to schedule your posts ahead of time and get on with something productive instead.

Consistency then frequency

Consistency on social media is more important than frequency. Do what you can consistently sustain without burning out. If you get some systems in place this can be a lot more than you’re doing right now.

But Bob I just want and answer – how often should I post on social media.

I post once per day on most platforms. It’s that simple. You can do more or our can do less. I often recommend aiming for three posts per week as a good frequency for the average business owner – but make sure you plan ahead of time and avoid sucky posts.

About Bob Gentle

I work with businesses of all sizes on digital marketing, host the Amplify digital marketing entrepreneur podcast and work with entrepreneurs to help them amplify their business online.