How Facebook ads really work and where to start, with Carrie Gottschalk


I've seen a lot of advertising disasters over the years but I've also seen some spectacular wins. This week my guest is one of the smartest advertisers I know and this show is a treat for anyone who's looking to level up Facebook ads or start dipping your toe in Facebook messenger marketing. I made a lot of notes in this interview so I suggest you sharpen a pencil, grab a coffee and get ready to look at Facebook ads in a whole new light.

This week my guest is Carrie Gottschalk, on of the worlds leading Facebook ads consultants and she's going to open the curtain on her business, services and some really cool strategies you can start implementing right away.

About Carrie

Carrie is a highly recognized influencer within the social media industry and has been at the forefront of the social media revolution for 12 years, paid social media for 5 years, and has managed over 13 million dollars in ad-spend -- working with large clients Shari's Berries, Wyndham Hotels, and TEDxMileHigh. With her extensive experience in domestic and international markets she's known as a skilled social media strategist, advertiser and has also gained a strong understanding of digital performance metrics with a good portion of her experience in eCommerce, Direct Response, and Performance Marketing.

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Take Carrie's chatbot for a spin : https://m.me/carriegottschalkllc

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