How email marketing saves lives, with Tom Kulzer


This week my guest is Tom Kulzer. Tom founded Aweber at the age of 21 and in this episode he shares his story from 90’s email marketing pioneer right through to the current day. He literally invented the email autoresponder and I think he might be a better snowboarder than me. Both of those are things you might love - or hate. Frankly - I love them both.

About Tom Kulzer

Tom Kulzer is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at AWeber, the leading email marketing and automation platform for small businesses, where he is actively involved in the company’s strategic direction, growth and evolution. Over the company’s 20-year history, Tom has nurtured AWeber from a small start-up to a robust organisation that has enabled over one million customers to grow their businesses, all without public or venture funding. 

Tom laid the foundation for AWeber while working at a computer hardware firm in the mid-1990s, where he realised sales prospects were falling through the cracks due to lack of proper follow up. By automating the delivery of personalised follow up emails to prospects, sales associates had additional time to spend pursuing new prospects. 

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Tom's website : aweber.com

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