How anyone can break through to profitable pricing, with Paul Klein

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Business is a value exchange. You charge money for things people value.But why do so many people get stuck in a cycle of under charging?This week my podcast guest is Paul Klein. Paul focuses on helping contractors, creatives consultants and experts of all kinds charge what they're worth.He's not only going to share his business journey with us but also a simple process which anyone can use to move from competitive hourly billing to a magical place where you actually have choice and the ability to say no.

About Paul Klein

Paul Klein is a business consultant and entrepreneur. From his days as 1980s hair band guitarist and lifelong entrepreneur to starting and scaling a successful SAAS company to consulting for some of the biggest brands including Target, Neiman Marcus, Starbucks, Holiday Inn, and other global brands, Paul helps Consultants, Freelancers, and Solopreneurs price their services, stop undercharging in order to build 7 figure businesses. Paul is the host of the Pricing Is Positioning Podcast and The Rock Your Pricing Online Course and Community.

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Paul's website : https://www.paulklein.net/

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