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Being an introvert - and a generally shy one - I find a lot of things hard which many others in my space don’t think about. Does this mean I get off the hook building my personal brand? - no way!

If you identify as an introvert, then I’m thrilled to introduce you to @thefifimason who joins me on the podcast this week to talk about personal branding specifically for introverts. You know what? It turns out you have superpowers.

About Fifi Mason

Fifi Mason is a Personal Brand Strategist and Visibility Coaching, helping introvert entrepreneurs and small business owners get visible and develop a personal brand business that aligns with their personality.

She was also the host of The Quietly Successful Summit 2020, which features renowned speakers such as Mark Schaefer, Andrew & Pete, Matthew Pollard, Clare Josa and many more.

Fifi's Website : https://fifimason.com/

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