Digital Marketing Consulting

Developing a logical digital marketing strategy is something a lot of people can find really challenging. Sometimes you need more traffic and sometimes you need better conversion of the traffic you already have - but how do you know?

Analysis paralysis is the norm for most businesses. They go round in circles trying to decide what kind of content to create, whether to use Facebook ads or TikTok. All while trying to stop the wheels falling off social media profiles which are results poor and resource hungry.

I help organisations of all sizes find order in this chaos and become effective.

How to find success online

Success online requires activity in three core areas. Is one of them is weak or the three are out of balance then the exercise will under perform - often horribly.

Traffic - Comes from many sources. Some from short term investments like ads, some from medium term content investments like social, and some from long term investments like Youtube, Blog or Podcasts. Ensuring your investments are balanced is step one.

Conversion - You might already have good traffic but it's converting badly. Spending more money on traffic would't be a good idea. There are lots of tools to fix bad conversion. If you have great conversion then more traffic is worth it.

Retention - If you continue to monetise the customers you already have then your business will grow and thrive. Having strategies in place to repeatedly monetise those people who already did business with you is often a productive and untapped well in many businesses.

Ways businesses like yours have worked with me

  • Consulted with the worlds most prestigious Kashmir brand to establish performance benchmarks for their commerce store in order that they could measure ROI with eternal ad buyers.
  • Actively manage Facebook ad campaigns generating multiple very low cost 'ready to buy' leads for a leading window cleaning franchise.
  • Worked with a leadership coach to design and build a profitable lead generation funnel for their mastermind business.
  • Worked with a SaaS consulting firm to develop a digital marketing strategy and a suite of scheduled activities their internal team could execute as well as acting as a facilitator on industry webinars on their behalf.
  • Consulted with a large cyber security firm to help them establish a digital marketing and content strategy to support their growth ambitions and position them as market leaders.

"I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone..."

It is clear that they are the leading digital marketing and website providers for businesses ...and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. 

Matthew Cohen

(Managing Partner)


"...what we need to be doing to achieve our sales and marketing goals."

The experience of Bob and his team really helps us to understand the world of digital marketing and websites, and what we need to be doing to achieve our sales and marketing goals.

Helen Rush

( BD Manager)