Building recurring revenue and niching into a graphic design business, with Claire Jenks

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In his 2015 book ‘ the automatic customer’ John Warrillo puts forward that you can create recurring revenue on a subscription basis - no matter what business or industry you’re in. In the graphic design space the some have taken the stack them high and sell them cheap approach with businesses like design pickle but todays guests Claire Jenks has taken a different approach and done some genuine innovation.

About Claire Jenks

Claire Jenks is a graphic designer and visual branding specialist, working with national and international clients. Claire helps businesses reconnect with their brand identity and create visually stand out content with the aim to provide more value to their current audience and help them attract more customers and fans through consistency and confidence. Claire has become well known for her approach of getting to know her client's businesses inside and out, resulting in business growth. She’s the creator of the “Set Sail with Canva” series and writer of the popular “Studio Stories” blog.

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