Being the only guy in the World, with Jason Resnick


This week I’m really excited to share a conversation I had with Jason Resnick. Jason, as you’ll find out, is a really smart guy. He’s built a brilliant client business around some pretty niche skills and he continues to fine tune these skills into vibrant learning community of people who really get who he is and what value he has to offer.

About Jason :

Jason helps developers and designers discover their niche, plan out and market themselves, build recurring revenue, and stay in the feast. So that they can live the life that they want and ultimately reach the goals of why they started their own business in the first place. He also helps established online businesses, increase sales through optimisation, conversion, and behavioural strategy. I do this through on-site personalisation, email and marketing campaigns to learn more about the potential and existing customers to decrease the time to first purchase and increase repeat purchases.

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